Beaphar Lactol Feeding Set for Kittens & Puppies


Beaphar Lactol Feeding Set for Kittens & Puppies

Beaphar Lactol Feeding Set for Kittens & Puppies

The Beaphar Lactol Feeding Set contains everything you need to hand rear young animals in one box. A feeding bottle, six teats and a cleaning brush.
This bottle is designed for feeding newborn and growing animals (kittens, puppies, guinea pigs, rabbits, hedgehogs etc.).

1. Ensure all equipment is clean and sterile before use, preferably by soaking in a sterilising solution.
2. Mix the milk replacer as directed and allow to cool until lukewarm (38°C or blood temperature).
3. Puncture the top of the teat with a thick needle or cut a small piece off the top with scissors. Be careful: too large an opening in the teat can cause gagging.
4. Put a suitable amount of prepared milk replacer into the bottle and ensure it is re-secured properly. (If using Beaphar Lactol, refer to the feeding guidelines on the tub)
5. Gently insert the teat into the animal’s mouth, release a few drops into the cheek, and allow to swallow. DO NOT SQUEEZE HARD in case you force liquid into the lungs.
6. Do not allow young animals to chew on the teat. If an animal is chewing rather than sucking, it has finished feeding and the bottle should be withdrawn.
7. Clean the bottle and rubber teat thoroughly after each use. If dish-washing liquid is used, rinse thoroughly afterwards.

Be prepared to repeat this every 2–3 hours until the animal is strong enough to feed from a bottle.

Price: 7$


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