Felicia Preventive Care Adult Salmon Small 3kg


Felicia Preventive Care Adult Salmon Small 3kg

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Low Grain & Hypoallergenic︱Salmon
Adult Dog Food (For Small Breeds)

Take one more step for our lovely friend and meet with Felicia® Mini Adult Salmon. The source of protein which contains high quality and natural Omega 3 fatty acids
from Norwegian salmon provides a unique nutritional process, while supporting the brain and eye functions. In addition, these natural fatty acids contribute
to the protection of healthy skin and the formation of vibrant, silky and shiny hair, as well. Because small breed dogs are prone to joint problems,
Felicia® Mini Adult Salmon is enriched with a high proportion of glucosamine and chondroitin. Low-grain and hypoallergenic special formulation is completely free
of general food allergens such as wheat, soy, artificial sweetener, colorant and formulated specifically for our friends who are susceptible to food intolerances.
All Felicia® formulas offer our friends a healthy and balanced diet to ensure optimum nutrition, thanks to the highest quality ingredients.

Size : 3kg

Price : 19$

Weight 3 kg


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