Felicia Starter Care Kitten Chicken 12kg


Felicia Starter Care Kitten Chicken 12kg

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Low Grain & Hypoallergenic︱Chicken Kitten Food.

Nothing can be more exciting than when a new member joins your family. You like to do everything you can to keep them healthy and strong,
and that’s why you’ll want to feed them with Felicia® Kitten cat food offering the most natural ingredients. We have considered every detail for you,
from the cognitive and physical development of our lovely friend, and prepared a very special formula using the best natural ingredients.
Formulated to support our friend’s health and proper development, Felicia® Kitten contains the highest quality natural ingredients only.
It does not contain genetically modified (GMO) products.

Size : 12kg

Price :60$

Weight 12 kg


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