Felicia Urinary Care Adult Salmon Sterilised 2kg


Felicia Urinary Care Adult Salmon Sterilised 2kg

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Sterilized with Low Grain & Hypoallergenic︱Salmon Adult Cat Food

Felicia® Sterilized Salmon is formulated specifically for sterilised cats. It helps to prevent excessive weight gain and stone formation in cats who become intolerant
and have an increased tendency to eat following the sterilization. It contributes to the urinary tract and renal health with the cornelian cherry
and optimum mineral levels. Specially designed pet food pellets offer an enjoyable consumption experience, while natural Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids directly support
the formation of vibrant, silky and shiny hair. All Felicia® formulas offer our friends a healthy and balanced diet to ensure optimum nutrition
thanks to the highest quality ingredients.

Size : 2kg

Price : 12$

Weight 2 kg


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