Vitakraft Dental 3 in 1 Small Dog Snack 120g


Vitakraft Dental 3 in 1 Small Dog Snack 120g

Vitakraft Dental 3in1 Small Dog Snack 120g

slows the growth of bacteria that can become dental plaque, pyrophosphates which bind calcium in mucus to slow the growth of tartar, contains zinc to prevent disease and inflammation of the gums and can heal wounds in the dog’s mouth. Star shaped and free from sugar. Dental 3-In-1 Stick is made in a special shape with an elastic consistency to clean teeth thoroughly.

This stick includes an innovative combination of three principles:
1. ZINC which prevents gum inflammation and helps heal lesions in the mouth.
2. STAYING CLEAN reduces the growth of bacteria responsible for the formation of dental plaque and tartar.
3. PLAQUE CONTROL which includes pyrophosphate which binds calcium in saliva and slows the formation of new plaque.

Incredibly delicious, Gigi 3-In-1 contains no sugar, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

One stick per day gives your dog a deep bite dental treat!

Product size:

7 sticks per pack, 120g.

Small size is for dogs from 5 up to 10kg.

Price: 3$


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