Beaphar Plaque Away Dental Care 250 ml


Beaphar Plaque Away Dental Care 250 ml

Beaphar Plaque Away Dental Care

Various meals and treats provide dental cleaning benefits to the pets whereas some of the common hygiene practices can lead to oral problems.
To keep your cat or dog’s hygiene levels in check, a few habits have to be inculcated.
To prevent or solve common dental problems, select the best dental care products for your pet friend.

Beaphar plaque away (250 ml) is an important part of maintaining your pet’s oral health and keeping all the troubles away.
This liquid solution is a complementary addition to the regime and helps solve the problems effectively. Most of the time,
some food particles or bacteria are left behind and cause plaque problems in dog or cat’s teeth, leading to gum or tooth decay.
This also leads to bad smell and prolonged teeth issues. Beaphar’s solution to clean dogs teeth is a mouth wash that includes various enzymes to reduce
plaque formation and fight bad bacteria. This 250 ml cat and dog plaque solution can be easily added to your pet’s everyday drinking water.
Add 10 ml to 1 l quantity for effective results. You can also add more quantity at the same rate after every 24 hours, once the drinking water is refreshed.
Always store this dog and cat plaque away solution by Beaphar at room temperature to retain the freshness. Keep it out of your children’s and pet’s reach.
It is not suitable for humans, overdosing, or feeding in an undiluted form.

Product Benefits:

• Protects teeth from tooth decay and bad odour.
• Contains enzymes for effective results.
• Suitable for cats and dogs.

Size: 250 ml

Price: 9$


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