PRO PLAN Large Athletic Puppy OPTISTART 12 KG


PRO PLAN Large Athletic Puppy OPTISTART Chicken – 12 KG

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Chicken as No1 ingredient & High protein
Colostrum to help support natural defences
Helps promotes healthy growth and long-term health
Helps support healthy joints
Science based nutrition with no added colourants
Adapted for Large Athletic breeds
Give your puppy the nutritional building blocks he needs for healthy growth and development with Purina PRO PLAN Healthy Start.
Each high quality dry food features outstanding nutrition specifically designed for puppies and high-quality chicken pieces as the #1 ingredient.

Purina PRO PLAN® Healthy Start PUPPY products contain colostrum, which helps support puppies’ immune response up to 50% more.
Colostrum also helps to optimise the balance of the gut microflora, helping minimise the incidence of loose stools that is so common during puppyhood.
Purina PRO PLAN® Healthy Start contains adjusted protein and fat levels to promote healthy growth and long-term health,
as well as nutrients that support healthy joints.

Purina PRO PLAN Healthy Start LARGE ATHLETIC PUPPY is suitable for large athletic breed puppies (more than 25 kg adult weight). This dry puppy food contains vitamin D,
minerals and specific levels of omega-3 fatty acids (0.3%) to help support healthy teeth and gums.
It is rich in high quality chicken and provides optimal nutrition for your large puppy’s growth up to 18-24 months of age, when they become fully grown.

Discover the benefits HEALTHY START products can make to your puppy’s health and wellbeing.
Also suitable for gestating / lactating bitches.
If you want to give your dog some variety, explore the different flavours of PRO PLAN recipes with added benefits – for example,
Lamb in Sensitive Digestion or Salmon in Sensitive Skin products.


Weight 12 kg


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