Vitakraft Beef Sticks With Turkey 12g


Vitakraft Beef Sticks With Turkey 12g

A Vitakraft Beef Stick makes a dog’s heart beat faster! The original among other beef sticks, is really liked by small and large dogs – through a unique process,
the taste and aroma are truly delicious. The meat content is extra high. Perfect for pampering, as a treat / gift or just as a snack between main meals.
Very practical, these Original Beef Sticks are also suitable for traveling because they are packaged per stick to maintain their freshness.

• High meat content > 90%
• With the addition of vitamins
• Easy to cut into small pieces
• Sugar-free formula
• No artificial coloring
• No preservatives
• No added artificial flavors
• Each individually packaged to maintain freshness

Size: 12g

Price: 0.85$


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