Automatic Smart Litter Box NEW


Automatic Smart Litter Box NEW


【FREE YOUR HAND】 Love your kitties but tired of the endless annoying scoop? You really need to try this automatic self cleaning cat litter box. With this self cleaning litter box, you will finally free your hands. No need to clean the poops for your fur friends anymore, the self cleaning process will powerfully solve all the chaos for you. No more smelly and dirty poops and enjoy more of your leisure time.

【LARGE SPACE】Our round shape design can offer much more space for the cats than other normal box. The huge inner space (65L inner side) provides a comfortable space for the cats and the large storage bin (9L litter tray) is big enough to store more than 1 week. The cat litter box offers great convenient space to 3lb to 18lb, also the the storage can easily support three cat or more at the same time.

【REMOTE APP CONTROL】This smart cat litter cleaning robot can be remotely controlled by app in your phone. The litter box can work by manual operation or app control. When you are not at home, you can monitor remotely via app. Your house will remain tidy and clean after days out. Also several modes can be set, you can choose auto clean, timing clean or immediate clean.

【BUILT-IN SENSORS 】Equipped with multiple high-precision sensors including hall sensors, approach sensors and weight sensors, the robot can work precisely and avoid hurting the cats. The auto cleaning will be activated in 15 minutes after the cat gets out, and the auto cleaning process will stop if a cat break-in when it’s working. The smart litter box will response precisely to the situation changing, keep your cats safe.

【ODOR REMOVAL】 We use the ionic deodorization technology and Ag+ sterilization technology in the automatic cat litter box system. After cleaning each time, odor removal will be followed once by default. The odor removal system can eliminate up to 99% smells, keep the air fresh and create a comfortable environment for your cats. Your kitty will love this litter box more than you do.


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