Indoor Long Hair 2kg


Balanced and complete feed for cats – Specially for adult long-haired cats (from 1 to 7 years old) living indoors.

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Hairball reduction : Long-haired cats living indoors are particularly prone to hairballs. Indoor Long Hair helps stimulate intestinal transit and the elimination of ingested hair in a natural way. This formula contains a combination of specific fibres including psyllium.Urinary health : Formulated to help maintain health of an adult cat’s urinary system.Stool odour reduction : A lack of exercise may lead to a slower intestinal transit and smelly stools. Indoor Long Hair contains highly digestible protein (L.I.P.*) and helps reduce the quantity and odour of stools. *L.I.P.: protein selected for its very high digestibility. Skin & coat health : Skin and coat are the reflection of overall health. Indoor Long Hair contains specific fatty acids including EPA and DHA to help maintain a healthy skin and a shiny coat.

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