PRO PLAN Elegant Adult with OPTIDERMA


PRO PLAN Elegant Adult with OPTIDERMA Rich in Salmon cat food

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Contains OPTIDERMA®, a patented solution for healthy skin and a beautiful coat.
Controls hairball formation and promotes safe digestive transit.
Helps limit excessive shedding
Very tasty recipe that will satisfy even the pickiest of cats.

A complete and dry food scientifically formulated for adult cats with sensitive skin. PRO PLAN® Elegant cat food with OPTIDERMA® combines all essential nutrients,
such as vitamins B, vitamin E and zinc, as well as omega-3 and -6 fatty acids and dietary fibre.
Many cats – especially those with longer hair – are more prone to sensitive skin and hairballs.
PRO PLAN® Elegant Adult 1+ with OPTIDERMA® has been developed by our veterinarians and scientists. It contains OPTIDERMA®
a nutritional blend that has been proven to help maintain healthy skin and a beautiful coat.

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