VitaKraft Cat Yums CHEESE


VitaKraft Cat Yums CHEESE 40GR

Vitakraft Cat Yums is a snack with 70% of meat, irresistible consistency.
It is carefully cooked in the oven in such a way that its delicious filling remains soft and maintains all
its succulence for your cat. Vitakraft’s Cat Yums, with cheese are prepared without sugar.
You can administer it as a complement to the daily food ration, as a reward or simply as a snack out of the meal.
The production process with which it was made, the choice of the best ingredients and their aroma make this snack unique.
Vitakraft Cat Yums will give a boost of vitality to your baby tiger.
The nibbles are packaged in a practical re sealable bag that saves freshness.

Pack Size: 40g

Price: 2.5$

Weight 0.40 kg


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